Getting Started II: Game Types

If you haven’t read the Basic Rules yet, I recommend starting with that.

There are three ways to play Quille, each one more challenging than the last. The one thing they all have in common is that you must solve them in the minimum amount of moves.

Every action you take counts as a move, which includes:

  • Getting onto a piece of furniture
  • Turning a light on/off
  • Hitting the Quilles

Remember that getting off a piece of furniture does not count as a move!

Game Types


"Strike!" - Find the shortest possible route from the Entrance to the Quilles. In the above example, 6 moves have been used (Red Stool, Green Light, Red Bed, Green Light, Red Stool, Quilles).

- - - -


"Lights" - All the lights in the room must be switched ON, before hitting the Quilles. Do this in the smallest amount of moves possible.

- - - - 


"Regal" - The third and hardest difficulty involves the use of REGAL items - these are special versions of RED, GREEN and WOOD items.

In "Strike!" and "Lights" these can be considered the same as regular coloured/non-coloured items. In the "Regal" game mode however, once you have sat in or laid down on a REGAL item, you cannot do so again until you retry the puzzle.

To finish the Regal difficulty, and earn a place in the Hall of Fame, you must:

  • Turn all the lights in the room ON,
  • Use every REGAL item in the room exactly ONCE,
  • Then hit the Quilles, all in the minimum amount of moves.

 - - - -

The minimum amount of moves is specified with the map that comes with each room, published on this blog.

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